Between the Notes

I have switched gears on all of you.  Vivaldi's Virgins by Barbara Quick was based on the life of one of Vivaldi's greatest students.  Vivaldi's Virgins was well researched and beautifully written.  It had a bittersweet ending but I have to say, I felt happy for Maria at the end and it was so much fun getting to speak with Barbara about her book.


Now, I am introducing you to the book Symphony for the City of the Dead by M.T. Anderson. I am reading this book now and it is also extremely well researched.   This book is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking.  It is a true story and documents the life of the incredible Dmitri Shostakovich one of the world's finest 20th century composers.  I have heard from a few of the readers that they have never heard of Shostakovich and have never listened to his music.  Well, after you read this book, you will never forget him.  And, I would suggest that you listen to his 7th and 5th symphonies when you get a chance.  I have played them both and it was so exciting to be able to sit in the middle of all of the sounds created by Shostakovich!  I wish I had read this book beforehand.  Reading this book would have changed everything.

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