Programme Notes

I am adding on to my successful teaching studio in order to make a special and exciting new learning opportunity.  Years ago I realized that homeschooling was something that was right for my family.  We had our ups and downs in the beginning of our unschooling journey.   But, once I realized that the majority of my learning and my education came to me after I finished school, things went from okay to fantastic!


I realized that the way we learn isn’t at all in a room with books and being told what to believe or having test scores reveal to us who we are and where we stand in the world.  Learning happens through discussion and life experience. Learning happens through reading.  Learning happens when we sit down and talk to each other or question people who have studied something that we might want to understand better and I am offering an opportunity to do just that.  


Just a chance to sit down, read a book, meet and make friends and speak directly to authors and experts who have studied and are willing to share their experience and expertise. And to make it even better,  listen to some live music as well.  Why?  Because music and literature have more in common than people realize.  In Literature, we read the story.  In Music, we listen to the story.  In this class you will experience both and meet the people who write and perform these stories!


So join us!  I guarantee you will meet some amazing people, have interesting discussions, learn more about yourself and the world around you and go out into the world with this new knowledge and friends.

Week 1 - You will receive your book in the mail (along with a few gifts).  We will have introductions and discuss what the topic of the book is about.

Week 2 - The discussion begins!  You will have read at least part of the book (or perhaps all of it) and we will begin to discuss the book and how we feel about the book in general.   The classes are capped at 10 to 15 per group so everyone has a chance to chime in with their experience or observations.

Week 3 - I will perform excerpts of music by the composer featured in the book and we will then discuss the music and the history of the music.  Every piece has a story!

Week 4 - Meet the author!  We will have a Round Table Discussion with the author of the book.  You will be able to speak with the author and ask her your very own questions.

First book, first author:  Vivaldi's Virgins by Barbara Quick.

Class price:  $350.00 for 1 month.


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