Programme Notes

Have you ever felt that when you were younger it was so much easier to start playing an instrument?


When you were younger, you didn’t think anything of it and now you wished you had never quit playing the violin or viola.


 Or, maybe your life circumstance never allowed it?  Now you HAVE the MONEY AND TIME to do this.  Maybe you are stuck at home during the quarantine like everyone else and you have found yourself with a bit of time on your hands?


Now as you become older, all of those wonderful artistic endeavors you started way back when took a back seat to school work or perhaps college and now you find yourself struggling for any creative thought or feel paralyzed with fear of getting it wrong or sounding bad?


And now, all of your time goes  into your work and here you are missing the music.  Now it seems like starting an instrument again would be a major feat!


This happened to me as an artist.  At the end of highschool and while putting myself through college, I had to hold down several jobs to stay afloat and, sadly, I had to leave my music behind for quite a while.  I missed playing my instrument so much that by age 30, I started playing my violin all over again. It was frustrating to say the least but I found a brilliant teacher, worked hard, took a lot of chances and wound up becoming a professional violinist.  I found myself playing in different orchestras every month and I had over 45 students in my private studio.


I couldn’t believe it!  I was having the time of my life and getting paid!


If you are a person who regrets stopping music or never had the resources or time to start an instrument in the first place, I want to invite you to start thinking creatively again.


----> I would like to invite you to start playing again!


I have been thinking about all of my past adult violin and viola students and how the adult thought process works.  How there are not many resources out there for you as an adult learner.


----> You have the right and most important ABILITY to start playing an instrument.


----> But, what about adult learners?


Most (if not all) private music studios are geared towards children.

In my experience, all of my adult students had one question in common when they first stepped into my studio. 


“Am I too old?”  


My answer is. “No, you are not!”


You are young enough or old enough to do whatever you want.

Whenever you want.


---->AND, I want to prove it to you!


I am an unschooling mom or a teenager so I definitely see things in a less traditional way.  I mean, Don’t you learn things every day?  You don’t stop learning after you turn 25 or 30 years old.  In fact, I would argue that you learn BETTER!  You have years of life experience over a child.  And, I would also point out that you are able to learn faster.  That’s right, LEARN FASTER.  You have more control over your muscles.  You are able to stop and think about what you are doing during a practice session where almost all children usually are on automatic pilot and are just playing during their practice and not actually practicing.


--->  Or let’s go back to your fear of getting things wrong.  I am here to tell you that, there is no wrong.  There is just playing!  There is just you making music in your own way and in your own time.


And, this is the reason I am opening up a special  Adult Learner Section into my studio.  You will not have to perform in my Zoom Concert Series alongside 5 year olds (There is nothing wrong with that but my  adult learners in the past always felt weird about it.)


Why not join a community of like minded people such as yourself and not only learn an instrument but hang out and discuss the arts with your colleagues and friends?    I have created a group of intelligent, artistic people who love music.  People who love to not only learn an instrument but to  discuss the arts and how it affects us today.


----> You should join us!


“Between the Notes” is a way to grow like no other!  It is a way to learn by immersing yourself into the fine arts and music.  This class is a learning event! A music series based on novels, lessons and group experiences and even performances.  This way of learning allows the one thing adult learners lack and that is a COMMUNITY of OTHER adult learners.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


---->  Weekly Private Lessons

---->  Weekly Group Classes

---->  Weekly Zoom Practice Room Parties

---->  A Book Club Specifically About Music and Composers

---->  “Meet The Author Day” once a month

---->  Performances Where You Feel Comfortable and Have Fun

---->  Challenge Yourself and Stay Motivated

---->  A Community of Other Adult Learners

---->  Learn to practice like a pro so you are not just spinning your wheels in the practice room.

---->  Learn how to budget your time and be patient with yourself.


(Trust me, I know all about this, I am a mom running a business and homeschooling my son.)


Hang out with authors, musicians and other wonderful and creative people who love participating in artistic discussions without being pretentious or stuffy.  It is like sitting around with a bunch of friends talking over coffee (only you will be speaking to professional authors and musicians).


----> Let’s go on this journey  together!  Practice and perform comfortably together.


---->And, who knows, you might just pick up that instrument and keep playing this time.


5 or 10 years of your life are going to go by anyway, whether you are playing an instrument or not.  So….  Where do you want to be 5 or 10 years from now?


And one more thing…  If you could take a pill to help prevent Alzheirmer’s disease, would you?  Check out these medical studies presented at the end of this article.




Send me an email or check out my website for details on my new class!  I would love to help you on this journey of self discovery and music :)


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