Part of being an amazing classical musician is understanding the composers who have so carefully and brilliantly written the music we love to play and perform.  That is why I have created "Between the Notes" a class like no other that connects Music to History and History to Music.  This class if for EVERYONE who loves music whether you play an instrument or not.


This series is devised to invoke an understanding that goes way beyond your music history classes in colleges and conservatories.  You will meet experts as authors and musicians, discuss music with your colleagues and create a community of supportive and intelligent people and listen to live music.  You will see the composers lives and perhaps your own life in a completely new way.

Join us for the summer program featuring:

Vivaldi's Virgins - Barbara Quick

Mozart's Starling - Lyanda Lynn Haupt

The Mozart Season - Virginia Ewer Wolff

Symphony for the City of the Dead - M.T. Anderson