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The Seven Secrets to College Admission

A Five 5 day Masterclass to Unlock the Secrets to Your Success

Online via Zoom

April 25th ~ April 29th

5 - 6 pm (PDT)

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Presented by Susan Monteiro
Founder & CEO
Monteiro Studio ~ Get In!

Hello!  I am Susan Monteiro an educator, musician and business owner.  For 20 years, I have helped countless violin and viola students find scholarships and make their way into universities such as Yale, Oberlin, UCLA,  UC Irvine, the University of Notre Dame and more.  I am now expanding my outreach to every instrument you can imagine.  I have developed a program complete with experts in the topics such as Performance Psychology, Body Language, Audition Strategy and Practice Strategy.  Find out what we are all about in my 5 Day Masterclass!

In this masterclass we will cover

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