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~ 6 Month College Prep Intensive ~

   There is a smarter way to "Get In!" to College


You do not have to struggle to get your musical teen ready for college.  I want to help you spend less time frustrated and more time getting organized! My Mission is to take your graduating Teenagers and turn them into the Best Possible College Candidates EVER!

If you are a parent or student looking to get into college and you are struggling to figure out how to use your violin or viola to your advantage, I can help  you organize, prepare and learn to play your best. With my guidance,  you will gain the confidence and the technique you need to set forth knowing that you actually have a shot to get in.  I know what it feels like to have played for years and yet still feel no closer to a college scholarship due to the lack of organization, lack of proper instruction and confusion about how to even apply.  For me, this situation led to a self doubt that created a serious lack of confidence.


   When I graduated high school, I was completely on my own!  

My confidence was so crippling that I was not certain I should even try! The great news is that it doesn't have to be this way!

Reinvent yourself into someone who feels:

~ Confident

~ Part of a College Bound Community

~ Focused 

~ Prepared for Your College Audition

~ Organized

~ On Top of Your Scholarship Applications

~ On Top of Your College Applications

~ Mindset Ready to Begin Your New Adventure

Your Journey Begins Here

What You Will Learn!

In the beginning, goals are set, reverse engineered and together we build a step by step program that is created to get you from point A to point B to College.   My students learn, stay focused and  prepare by working with experts in the field of body language, performance and audition preparation.


We start off with a workshop given by Noa Kageyama Ph.D. (performance psychology coach at the Juilliard School of Music) in which my students will understand nerves that occur on stage and are walked through a strategy that teaches them learn how to work through the challenges that occur during stressful moments. Every month we get together as a group and practice the strategies that create a top notch performance. These are more than just workshops.  They are a way to create month by month  They create their own opportunities for growth that builds their confidence so they can create the style of playing and the repertoire needed that makes them stand out at any university that they choose.

"I am lucky to have had someone as compassionate and as encouraging as Ms. Monteiro as my violin teacher.  I always looked forward to my lessons, where she gave insightful guidance that helped to refine every aspect of my performance.  Her passion and love for the violin shows clearly in her teaching, motivating me to work hard at my instrument.  I wouldn't be the violinist I am today without her."

 Jake T. ~~ (UCLA student)

Welcome! I'm Susan Monteiro the owner of "Get In!" a college prep course for young musicians. I help high school music students transform themselves into the best college applicants EVER!


Getting Into College is just the beginning!

6 Month Program


~ One on One Sessions to Guide You through your college and scholarship applications

~  Accountability Meetings to Make Certain You Get Your Tasks Accomplished and Stay Focused

~  Weekly Mastermind Meetings With Your Peers

~  A 90 minute workshop with Noa Kageyama Ph.D.

(Juilliard Faculty, Performance Psychologist)

~  Mock Auditions and Group Performance Classes

~  Help Organizing Your Volunteer Hours While Turning Them Into Performance Practice Opportunities

~ Workshop with Mark Bowden - Body Language Expert and Human Behavior Specialist to Learn How to Be Your Best at Your College Interviews.

~  Mock College Interviews to Hone Your Body Language Skills

~ Audition Preparation with Christopher Still - Trumpet -

Los Angeles Philharmonic



I have worked with hundreds of students all over the U.S. and an audition on a musical instrument  has been an integral component in their successful college admission.    There are so many things to be learned in music besides just notes!

My Story and Why I am Here to Help:  


For the students in my high school, all of our career paths led straight to McDonalds or Burger King or (if you wanted to get fancy) answering phones as a secretary.  Not that any of these jobs are terrible,  I just wanted to be a violinist.


Four years after I graduated high school, and four years of working miserable, mindless jobs,  I was able to consider being able to get the money I needed to go to college.  Do you want to know how I got my first bit of money to go to college?


It was a car accident!  Without a scholarship or hope to even pay for a dorm room or a decent meal plan, I was driving through an intersection and a truck carrying a load of bricks slammed into the side of my car.   I received a bit of money from the accident,  applied to a small university and never looked back. That was how I started college.


How I "Stayed In!"

I was the poster child for the saying “Starving College Student”.  I was so starved in college I actually wound up in the hospital after my first year!   It wasn't until later, after much research, I found that I could get a grant and a loan from the government.  I found out how to apply and what worked best for my situation.

The grant and loan helped so much that in another year I was able to attend a larger university.  So about 5 years later,  I graduated from Northern Arizona University - after also attending the University of Nevada-Reno, and the University of Cincinnati.

So, here's the thing.  You do not have to work as hard as I did.  If I knew what to do after I graduated high school, things would have been much different! I mean, basically my first "College Grant" was money I received from a car accident!  This does not have to be you.   You can work smart and not hard.  You can get help and not have to find everything out for yourself. 


Violin Performer

My Graduation Day Back in 1993!

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