Monteiro Studio Events!

For June ****


Virtual Practice Rooms  -  Every Thursday and Saturday from 4pm to 5pm (PDT)


One Hour a Day on Thursday  and Saturday I will have a Zoom Practice Room where you can Hop on and Practice with your fellow musical comrades.


After practice, we can have a quick Q&A (for 15 minutes) if you like.


I find that accountability matters when working toward a goal.  With my Virtual Practice Room, we can all have a time where we follow through in our practice in the Zoom Practice Room!  Everyone will be muted and we will not disturb each other (except to wave “Hi!”).  I think it is important not only to discuss how everyone should practice but SEE everyone practice.  I will be there also.  I would not ask you to practice without seeing me do the same! 

Meet the Author of The Mozart Season Virginia Euwer Wolff  Live on June 25th Meeting begins at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

New Podcast!  Learning Music With the Authors has begun.  I have a few short episodes up and one interview with a brilliant concert soloist, Annelle K. Gregory.  Find out why The Mozart Season inspired her to give it her all in a concerto competition.  It is a fascinating story.  There will be prizes and a lot more in this interactive podcast so check it out!

For July ****

Zoom Practice Room is still up and running for this month.  The first week is off due to the 4th of July holiday. 

For Students, the book to read this month in Anna Maria's Gift

by Janice Shefelmann.   

For Parents, we will be reading A Musical Affair by Carrie Jane Knowles.  This is a fast and fun read about a woman who suddenly finds herself floundering in life and is tossed into the world of a Fine Arts Festival and the Money needed to run it.  We will meet the author on July 29th and the book club discussion starts at 11:30 a.m. (PT).  See you all there!

For August ****


Book Club - for this month is Producing Excellence:  The Making of Virtuosos by Izabela Wagner.  This is a very brave and compelling read and I am extremely excited to meet this author in person on Zoom at the end of the summer.

Zoom Practice Room is at 4pm to 5 pm (PDT) on Thursday and Saturday

Get Ready for Performance Fridays starting in September!  The last Friday of  each month will be a short performance on Zoom for family and friends.  Time is TBA.