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Cats and Crotchets!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Every time she opens her case this rascal jumps in!

I do love to teach children music. They are often times more brilliant than any one of us adults! This one day I noticed that at every lesson, every Wednesday, my little student and I have to figure our way back into the violin case, without getting in too much of a scuffle! Most homes I teach in have pets and the one thing I do notice is that every animal hangs out with us during the lessons (some even have to be sent out into the back yard do to their singing along). It always reminds me that animals love music too. Music speaks to every one of us and sometimes I am even tempted to perform at animal shelters! I don't though, I usually stick to playing by the window for the birds and yes, they do listen. My practice room is on the second floor by some telephone or electric wires and they do perch on them to listen. After reading Mozart's Starling, I have a different view of the animals outside my home. The birds listening to me practice my violin makes more sense. Although, when I am practicing I am working to be a better violinist so I am not always sounding like I would like to in a performance. I am working on new sounds and my understanding of my instrument. So, bear with me Birds! I am getting ready for a recital in November so I will have the music down by October :)

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