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Fall is Upon Us!!

Well, Hello there You Awesome College Bound Families!

It’s here. October has begun and we are off and practicing, doing exams, studying and everything that comes along with your last years of public school.

Question of the Day: Are you staying steady and strong or are you floundering?

Do not worry if it is the latter. You are not alone and I would suggest that you take time to steady yourself before November.

Take a moment to:

Write down all of the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Write down and reassess your goals. Are they still manageable?

See what is working in your life and what isn’t. If it isn't - Get rid of it!

See how you are feeling (physically and mentally).

Who can you connect with this week to help motivate you (and you them).

Determine your feelings and remain aware of where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. I try to do this every weekend because if I do not do this consistently, I will lose track of my goals and definitely lose momentum. Losing momentum can be extremely frustrating so I avoid it at all cost.

When my momentum stagnates, I find it helpful to take apart my goal into bite sized pieces and build it bit by bit. Tackle one thing and relish in the accomplishment.

For example: I am going to take an audition so what do I need to accomplish in my playing that will make me more appealing to the orchestra committee? - I would watch recordings of the orchestra and perhaps an interview with the conductor. Maybe I would work up the solo I am going to perform for the audition and play it for the concertmaster or another orchestra member to get some feedback. I would find every opportunity to perform all of the orchestral excerpts in front of colleagues and friends. Just take something, even if it is a phone call to set up a small run through in front of some friends. Who knows, they might want to do the same!

So set an alarm on your phone to schedule time one day a week to prioritize yourself. On this day (actually every day) VISUALIZE the results you want. Just sit for a moment and live it. You will set your goal in your mind as if you have already accomplished what you want. That is a very powerful thing...

Watch something motivating. ----> like this video here by Chase Hughes: How to Set Goals for 2022 with BRAINWASHING!

People can be brainwashed to do many things so why not brainwash yourself for success? Setting goals and accomplishing them is a skill that needs to be practiced just like any other skill so go for it. I find Chase Hughes extremely knowledgeable and straight forward in his advice. He makes videos and has a website that is also a game changer if you want to change your life around.

So, take some time for yourself today :)

What is your favorite way to stay motivated? Let me know at the Get In! FaceBook Group 2.0 (our new, fancy version).

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