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Finding Funding for College

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hello my College Bound Families!

I am here this week with a bit of information for you. This is extremely important as I know most if not all of you will be looking for ways to finance your child’s education even further. I would get started as soon as possible.

So let’s get to it!

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid ~

Complete your FAFSA forms asap! This means that you need to find out when the deadlines are for the year you will be eligible to apply for financial aid. Many students will be applying for this type of aid so get on this quickly.

Many FAFSA applicants have experienced recent financial changes due to the COVID-19 emergency or other reasons. So, has your financial situation changed from what is reflected on your federal income tax return? For example, you or a family member has lost a job or claimed collected unemployment benefits due to COVID pandemic.

Financial aid offices can adjust your financial aid award to reflect your or your family’s current income. If you as a parent had to collect any type of financial help during the COVID 19 lockdown, I would definitely consider this option.

Qualify for Merit Scholarships for High School Seniors ~

Merit based scholarships are financial aid gifts for high achieving teens who have demonstrated their ability to flourish academically (at the top of their class and an extremely high grade point average). They can also be for students who have developed a high level of artistic achievements, community service, athletics and research. This is why I always say START YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS EARLY (as in 9th grade) and create something notable when doing so. You have to volunteer to graduate anyway so make this count. Think of it as having a job that will pay off after years of work AND have the knowledge that you have helped your community in the process.

Apply for Private Scholarships ~

There are many out there so get online and start looking. Remember though, you have to have something to show as in volunteer hours, academic and artistic achievements.

Music Scholarships ~

I do not need to go into great detail with this topic as you are all musicians. Contact the music department of the university, college or conservatory and apply. I would definitely contact a professor at the school you are interested in and take a private lesson. Also, get online and see if you can find a recording of the school’s orchestra or any recitals to see what your competition is and what they are performing. You need to be someone who will benefit their music department in some way.

Start College by attending a Community College ~

Community Colleges have the same professors and many State Colleges do. It is the same education, just less expensive. I would suggest this route especially if you are not certain of your major. If you do not have a plan for your future, attend a Community College and in the meantime put your life plan together. You can always transfer to another college any time. Even if you have to take a few classes, you can start a job in a business that you find interesting and use this time to figure out what you would like to do.

And last….

Earn College Credit in High School for FREE ~

This is a great way to get a few classes out of the way and save some money in the meantime. It might seem like extra work now, but you will save time as well as money when you get into college. High school goes by very quickly so take advantage of these moments before you go out into the world!

I really hope this information helps. Feel free to send me a note if you have any other tricks up your sleeve for collecting money for college!

Remember, this is only some of the information you will need. There are many other obstacles to get past in terms of live auditions and interviews. So it is important to understand and have a plan for all of the challenges ahead.

I am doing another masterclass Finding Funding for College - August 22nd - August 26th at 5pm PT

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It’s time to “Get In!”


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