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Finding Your Competitive Edge

Finding Your Competitive Edge is crucial to your development as a stand out college applicant.

When applying for a college, university or conservatory, I would recommend that you think of yourself as a business.

You can look at any business, anywhere and examine how the best ones present their competitive edge.

A few ways you can think of “marketing” yourself would be to.

Create your own Mission Statement ~ What do you stand for?

The Environment?

Social Justice?

The Fine Arts?

Sit down and write down why these topics are important to you and create your own Mission Statement for your life. Then begin to organize your life and after school activities around that Mission Statement.

Your volunteer hours and extra curricular activities should all reflect your values as a person.

If you can find no volunteer organizations or extra curricular activities that reflect your personal statement, create one!

This will not only give you the experience you need but will show that you are not afraid of taking on a leadership role.

Create an Amazing Essay ~

It is important to know how to tell a story. You need a hero in this story and that hero is YOU.

Make certain that the first line of your essay hooks the reader straight away. Reel the reader in and keep them interested.

Use rich descriptions and expressive words to give meaning to what you are trying to convey. Make it heartfelt.

You might want to discuss one of your greatest challenges in life?

How did you overcome that challenge or have you yet to overcome that challenge?

Did this life challenge or event force you to see the world in a different way?


Make certain that this essay addresses your own personal Mission Statement in the end and how you would use your education as a means to solve a problem or enhance people’s lives.

What do you stand for? ~

Or, what will you stand against?

What is the one thing in your life or in the world that you would like to make better for yourself and humanity.

And why is this world changing event important to you?

Remember, Always be yourself, the more personal and real the better.

Your distinct personality and honesty will help your essay shine through the rest.

This is your chance to reach out to the admissions officers and show them how powerful and honest you are.

And One More Thing!

My Live College Corner 6pm Get In! Facebook Meet Me There with your questions and I will have answers. I discuss interesting topics about higher education each week so you will definitely want to be there.

Let’s connect and Get You Ready for Your Next Life Adventure.

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