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Get In! Masterclass Starts June 23rd!

Hello my college bound families!

I don't blame you for asking: "What’s so great about the ~ 6 Month Get In! College Prep Program?" let alone the "Free Online Masterclass ~ The Seven Secrets to College Admission"?

How is this Program going to be different from any other college prep course?

Let’s find out! :)

The first (and most important) reason is that with most programs, you’re either learning audition pieces or focusing on technical building blocks such as scales, etudes, etc.

But there’s no through-line from practicing your instrument to getting into the University, College or Conservatory that you are aiming for... so it’s hard to make the connection from those fundamentals that you have learned on your instrument to knowing how to create a practice strategy that works, and other aspects of performance that will enable you to win a college audition or rock it at your college interview.

In the 6 Month Get In! College Prep Program, though, we're playing the best of your audition pieces and practicing them in mock auditions and mock interviews in front of your peers. And because these mock auditions, interviews and workshops build your confidence and allow you to make all of your mistakes before you go for your big audition moment, the connection is immediate and obvious. Month by month during

Get In! , we'll take the building blocks that we focus on in month #1, and put them to work. You will learn more skills in month #2 that will build to month #3 and build to month #4 (You can see where this is going.) The learning continues until the final stage of audition preparedness (all the way through month #6). By that time, you'll have learned your audition and interview skills so well that in the end, you will master all that you have learned in a real-life context, right from the start and will be able to apply those skills when it matters the most.

And that brings me to the second reason: the 6 Month Get In! College Prep Program is unique. Because this fall, I’ve created something pretty amazing for you...

I've opened up the chance for you to get special coaching from me. I am going to sit with you -one on one- and discuss what works for your life and what doesn’t. I will sit with you and help you figure out a volunteer program that will help make you stand out among other competitive applicants. I will sit and talk to you about which institution of higher education will take you down the right path and together I will help you plan your dreams!

I slowed my own private studio down, giving less private lessons once I started this program. I am taking no new students in order to dedicate the time needed to focus on my clients and their college dreams. Your dreams matter to me and if I can be the catalyst to your success, it would be my dream :)

Currently, the only way you can get this type of practice and feedback is by joining my Get In! Program, which is a truly amazing 6 month experience...I have not seen any other programs that offer what I do and (most importantly) the high quality of experts and the amount of practice, mock audition and interview sessions and my own 20 years of expertise.

By contrast, most of the college prep programs are either only performing (with no insights on how to accomplish your best performance) or just helping you fill out your paperwork, which quite frankly, you could do yourself.

Inside my Get In! 6 Month Program, there are many more opportunities and they are opportunities you will not want to leave at the table: You'll get 5 hours of small-group coaching with world experts, including two 60-minute segments where I'll focus just on YOU. You can bring any and all questions and we will build your college journey! You will have 6 hours of performance practice, 3 hours of mock interviews and weeks of prompts dealing with practice strategy, college and scholarship deadlines, and volunteer hours that will not just be hours to fulfill a mandatory number. They will make you look great on your college resume!

When you add in the 16 hours of live time that everyone receives in Get In! , that's hours of live teaching you'll enjoy, and week after week of accountability and focus!

The VIP group is limited to 10 places, and they've already begun filling up.

Factor in the lively discussions and support you get from the Get In! community on our custom Facebook Page, and I think you can see why Get In! is going to be a game changer (and I'm biased, but I'll say even better) than any other college prep program you've ever experienced or imagined.

So grab your instrument and join me for the summer – you’re going to be in EXCELLENT company!

And remember; Always go for what you want, not what you think you can get.

Let me help you ~ It is your turn to Get In! to the university of your dreams and transform yourself to the next level!


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