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Make Extra Money From Home!

Today I feel like talking about something everyone could find useful right about now and that is how to make extra money from home. But before I begin, just a few things about life.

Just yesterday, I wound up in a car accident 🙁 but fortunately we are all ok.

I went out to make some beach videos and was on my way home, driving straight down the street minding my own business and BAM! Right into the side of my car. It was crazy! One second I am just driving and the next a car is heading straight towards me. It was so strange too because I wasn’t scared at all. I just looked up and saw this car heading towards the front of my car and right towards me (almost head on) and I thought, “Well, this is going to at least send me to the hospital.” Then I quickly yanked my steering wheel to the right to try as best as I could to avoid the head on collision that was going to happen. Luckily, the other driver did the same and instead of a head on, his front bumper tore up the entire side of my car. This moment was a friendly reminder from up above that anything can happen at any minute so appreciate what you have and be grateful daily!

I know I am! I am so grateful for my family, my career, my music and being able to live peacefully in the country. And, I am also grateful for all of you. I really feel like I am reaching out and meeting some amazing musicians. Young and old, everyone is productive, kind and intelligent. You all give me hope for humanity. You all inspire me every day.

Thank you!

I cannot imagine where I would be right now, if I had that head on collision that was narrowly avoided. It gives me the jitters just thinking about it….

Now, back to business 🙂

So, what has been going on here at the end of August? The end of summer and the beginning of the new school year is going off to a great start. I am building my YouTube Practice Experiment Channel - and making the videos to be something on an hourly schedule that will keep everyone working hard while taking relaxing breaks in between practice workouts. I will do another 2 to 3 hour practice video with a timer at some point. My assistant does great work with all of our videos so I am super excited to have him create something amazing with these!

My Main Topic: At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that there is a way to work from home and set your own hours and pay. I was thinking about you all when I was on the website looking for classes.

I mean everyone I know has a computer so this is pretty much available to all. If you own one, you can use it to teach classes from the comfort of your own home, set your own hours, your own fee and how many students per class you would like to teach. Nice combination, eh?!

At the end of this blog post, I will have a link for you to try it out. This is especially useful to those who are in school and might need money for classes, lessons, food, rent, etc. I mean there are more than just scholarships and grants out there. You can get on this platform, make money and get experience teaching the subjects you love. You can also build a community (which is pretty cool).

I have brought the Outschool earning idea to a lot of people and the most common questions I have been asked are:

  1. Do you need to have a computer? Yes

  2. Do you need some type of special skill set? Yes

  3. Do you need to be 18 or older? Yes

  4. Do you need a college degree? No

Most people think that they need a college degree to teach at Outschool but you do not. Their philosophy is that everyone has a special skill. Everyone has something to teach. If you believe you have nothing to offer, you are wrong. You do! Just examine your hobbies or things that you love to do. You will find something. I guarantee it.

You can create all kinds of classes and social clubs; whether they are music, dance, art, languages, book clubs, anything you can dream up and teach you can do. Heck, I was going through their website one day looking for classes for my kid and I found a class called, “How to Take Care of Your Guinea Pig”. No lie…. I laughed at it but there were people who had signed up so there was a market for it.

Outschool is wonderful and as I said earlier, I have used it for my own kid during his homeschooling days. He has graduated now and loved the classes he took so much that is going to start teaching on this platform himself.

Another thing I noticed about Outschool is that they do not charge any money until you get students. A lot of other online educational platforms charge up front, but this one doesn't. You just sign up and when you get students, you pay a percentage to Outschool for their advertising, website and everything else they have to do to make this happen.

I am putting my personal link to sign up to be a teacher at Outschool. Click on the link and check out the classes. See if this interests you and sign up today! If you play your cards right, you can make a lot of money.

I will also put a few links to Youtube videos that have been created by Outschool teachers and they discuss how they get their students, how they set up their classes and how they run their classes. I will try to find the teacher who made $10,000.00 a month during the quarantine. I was quite impressed…

Also, if you are ready to start or keep on practicing then sign up for my free practice planner, complete college pack and college resume builder at my website:

It is never too late and never too early to get yourself ready for college so get moving!

You all have a great week and I will see you either on FB or in my Practice Experiment Videos 🙂

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