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Meet Virginia Euwer Wolff! Check out these interviews for June 2021! In "Learning Music With the Authors", I offer a unique way to continue your summer reading. No longer will your child just read and collect a gold star or sign up to win more books. Your child will be able to read, explore, meet new people and beyond that, meet musicians and authors who make these literary and musical events happen! Each week in the month of June, I have set up a Podcast for each stage of reading.

Week 1) The Book Intro - The Mozart Season by Virginia Euwer Wolff.

Week 2) An interview with the violin virtuoso, Annelle K. Gregory. Annelle read The Mozart Season when she was 13 years old and it helped her prepare for a competition and for life. (No spoilers here, you should listen to the interview.)

Week 3) My interview with award winning author, Virginia Euwer Wolff. She is intelligent, wise and extremely funny. I had a blast speaking with her and I know you will have a blast listening.

Week 4) You will personally have the opportunity to sit down and speak with the author one to one via Zoom. This will happen on June 25th at 11:00 a.m. (PDT) 2:00 p.m. (EDT)

So, I encourage you to read along with your child and hang out with us on June 25th. You will be happy you did. "It is a pleasure to have a novel of ideas for young adults that describes the delicate dance between honoring traditions of the past and being your own person in the present." -- Publishers Weekly.

"Remember, what's down inside you, all covered up -- the things of your soul. The important, secret things... The story of you, all buried, let the music caress it out into the open." -- Virginia Euwer Wolff, The Mozart Season.

Contact me for details because there is more coming soon!

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