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Vivaldi and His Music

I am reading this book now and loving it! I decided back in May that one of my summer projects was going be playing Vivaldi's "Summer" from his Four Seasons. I started reading this book shortly after I began working on the piece. This book is fiction but based on one of Vivaldi's students and violin prodigy, 14 year old Anna Maria dal Violin. What a wonderful leap back in time and I because of this book, I am seeing the music in such a different way. Every time I sit down to work out a section of the music, I see all of the girls, playing their instruments, practicing, performing, rehearsing and living their lives. I can hear their music echoing off of the stone walls. I am having a difficult time putting this book down and I am so looking forward to meeting the author on August 28th! I just want to go to Italy now! If you get a chance, you really need to read this book! I think that if anyone were to play a piece on any instrument, it is of great importance to read something about the composer's life. I personally love fiction, so this is a great way for me to discover Vivaldi and his young musicians. These girls had their own lives and were very much a part of his life and music. I think that after reading this book, whenever I listen to Vivaldi's music, I will never be the same again!

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