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What does literature and Music have in common?

Convey an Emotion ~ Speak to the Soul


Have you ever listened to Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, The Montagues and the Capulets? Picture the entrance of the two families while you are listening to the music.

Since Valentine's Day has passed and we are off on our New Year, I have been moving forward to continue my New Year's resolutions. So, my pick for the month is Emily Dickinson's, "Wild Nights".


Have you ever read a poem and thought, "What music would fit these words?" I have. Maybe it is because I am a musician, a violinist, a naturalist. Everything evolves from nature. Our Earth is an island of Life and all of life has been brought forth from the ever flowing energy of our Sun. I feel that way with Music. Music is energizing and vibrates through our emotions, thoughts and words. Even our heartbeat and our breath, the sound our feet make as we move across the ground. We metabolize our experiences just as our food. We metabolize our music just as our body does with the food we ingest. Many people have been talking about our food intake. What about our musical intake?

Read some great Poetry and listen to some Mozart! You'd be surprised at the result.

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