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Why I created "Get In!"

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's 2022 and Now it's time to get started :)

I have been very busy the past two years during our global quarantine (as I think we all have been). Trying to navigate through this crazy time has been a challenge for all of us and even though it has been rough at times, I do believe that we all did rather well. I have met more people during this time than any other time in my life (which I find rather interesting). I have learned to use technology a bit better (enough to know that I need to learn more...) and Zoom has become my best friend (as far as the internet goes).

Now that 2022 begins and I would like to introduce my new program called,"Get In!".

As I was teaching online and reaching out to so many people; musicians from all over the world, music students from all over the world and fellow music instructors from just about everywhere, I realized that there was something missing for music students. It hit me while I was giving lessons to my senior students in high school.

We all have our challenges, but what I was noticing was one major challenge that high schoolers are facing that I do not see anyone addressing. Not only were they facing down Zoom college interviews and auditions but they had to do this feeling so alone and I saw one of their biggest challenges: There is a huge gap between high school and college. It felt like a gaping pit of confusion and procrastination due to confusion. I realized that I can help high school music students build a bridge across that gap.

This bridge is called, "Get In!" In over 20 years of teaching, I have worked with many, many students and I realized that when they all get to their junior year in high school, they have no idea that they need to start preparing for their college applications, scholarship applications, volunteer hours and auditions NOW, not during their senior year! This is understandable as they are busy, their parents are busy and during this hectic time, no one is thinking about the 2 or 3 years from that moment when they will be "knocking" on college door looking to "Get In!". These families do not realize that in January of their senior year of high school is when most (if not all) college auditions are accepted. No later...

When preparing for a college audition, it takes time to prepare and preparing for an audition takes more work than you would think. There are technical aspects of the instrument that the musician would want in order to achieve the high level of skill needed to be accepted into a university, college or conservatory. There are performance skills needed in order to present yourself at your competent best, not at your uncomfortable worst. Performance takes PERFORMANCE PRACTICE. I know from experience, that you do not want to step on stage without mindful strategies already in place and that only comes from months (if not years) of mindful, strategic practice and preparation.

So, what can I do to help you? 1) I assess my student's baseline of technique and mental toughness when it comes to performance. 2) I speak with my students and really listen to what they would like to achieve in life (especially in the next 4 to 5 years). 3) Together we reverse engineer from their goal to their starting point and create a map, a practice strategy and a performance mindset that creates confidence and focus (like a Laser Beam). This "Life Map" and the creation of it, will give my students knowledge about how to set goals and achieve them. So, basically, this is about how to set goals and how to achieve them. How to stay motivated and learn from and work with their peers. 4) I get my students in touch with experts in the field of music, performance psychology like, Dr. Noa Kaeyama, from the Juilliard School of Music. (Can you tell I am excited about this?!) and body language so I know they will be able to "Rock It!" when their audition time comes around.

So, that is basically it :) If you are a parent of a teen or a teen who is frustrated and confused about your next move from High School to College, feel free to drop me a note. Let me know how I can serve your needs as a family with a college bound teen.

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