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Why Work With a Practice Buddy?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Practice Gym Explanation

I have started a practice experiment on my FB page.

It started one night, when I just couldn’t sleep. I was up until about 4:30 a.m. and it was just one of those nights where my brain just wouldn’t shut off. (We’ve all had nights like that. I’m sure.)

To cure my insomnia, I made myself some hot chocolate and settled down to watch a few YouTube videos. I was contemplating on viewing some funny cat videos but in my recommended was a “Study With Me” video. I thought, “What the heck is that?” So I clicked on it and saw that it was just a person silently studying. No sound, no talking… Just a person with a computer, sticky notes, highlighters, a few pencils and a bunch of books on a desk. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would be interested in this type of channel until I read the comments.

It was the comment section that really opened my eyes to this concept. People were writing things like: “I am studying too!” or “My Goals for today: Study Session 1-3 (12-1pm) C3.4 Writing…” or my favorite, “Thank you for the stream! I just saw the notification and am driving home from college. As soon as I arrived back home, I quickly began to study.” etc.

What I saw was inspiration, accountability, and a way to become connected to other students who prioritize studying over going out and partying. As simple as these videos are, they bring a lot of people together and the person running the channel understands and cares about her fellow students.

I admire that.

This channel began during the pandemic. Most people were trapped inside and feeling lonely and isolated. And, the schools were shut down. There was absolutely no place for these students to get together to discuss ideas and learn in person. Everyone was left floundering alone at home and our only connection at that point were Zoom calls and social media.

The one on one connection was ripped from us and this channel really struck a chord with me (yes... pun intended). When students study (even if it is alone in the library) there is some type of connection; There are people around you even when they are not speaking to you. When we practice in a practice room, it's the same thing.

Over the pandemic lockdown, I began to see the same problem with my students. We used to get together in person weekly and now that was gone. So, at that time, I also started something similar. My students and I would meet on Zoom calls one day a week and practice together. All muted and all working together while keeping our work to ourselves. I held the Zoom Practice room on the weekends and I know it was difficult for some of them to attend but I definitely had regulars and they loved it! We all looked forward to it. At the end of the hour, we would have a quick chat to see how they were all doing and if they needed any help.

So, this whole “study with me” got me thinking.

I always found that connection in the practice room in college. I know it is nice to have a private room to work in but the connection to other musicians is something I miss on more than one occasion. It is the accountability when I knew there were a few of us who ALWAYS practiced at the same time and we would meet each other there. We would practice and when we needed a break, we would all step outside, grab a cup of coffee and talk a bit. Sometimes we were there until 2 a.m.

Because of this community, I felt I had to go everyday because my fellow musicians were going to be there (like a membership at the gym). And you know what? Now that I am out of college, I feel the same need. I am certain a lot of other people do as well.

Last week I did “My Practice Experiment” Live on FaceBook and I had over 100 views in the first few hours. In fact as I write this, I have been getting about 100 views a day. I know there are musicians out there needing accountability and some good old fashioned comrades in music. So here we are!

You might be out of school and crave a bit of your old conservatory days where you had people around you with the same mission or maybe you are young and getting ready to audition for college and there is no place for you to practice other than your own home. It is sometimes difficult to take your instrument out of the case without that friendly accountability.

Is this something you crave in your daily routine? Join your New Practice Gym and meet your New Practice Buddies!

Join us on Saturdays - Thursdays and stop by and listen to my FB Live on Fridays at 6pm Pacific Time. My goal is always to motivate, inspire and get you to your goal. Because I understand and care about my fellow musicians, wherever and whoever you are!

A few things I ask of you; Please let me know what you are up to. What are you practicing and why? What is your greatest challenge right now? Most importantly, Do you have a goal?

Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our free 30 Day Practice Planner.

You can do so here:

Follow along on my FB Practice Room here:

Join us ASAP! If you cannot make it live, I am posting videos to work with on your time. I promise, you will get more accomplished when you participate. I know I do and it would be great to see you there! I am starting with an hour session a day so this isn’t even a big time commitment 🙂

We are on FB and are starting a new YouTube channel that is specifically for practice. It will include tips and interviews with amazing people!


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