Introduction to Playing

In the beginning, holding the Violin or the Viola should be practiced without the bow each day.  This way, you can focus on just the instrument itself and how it fits on your shoulder.  Also, make sure you put your shoulder rest on correctly.  I discuss this point near the middle of the video.

How to hold the bow.  Practice setting your bow hold  many times.  The more you set it correctly, the bigger the chance will be that you keep it that way!

Holding and Drawing a violin bow can be quite tricky.  Here are a few tips on  how to place your right hand on the bow (even if you are left handed) how to draw a straight bow, and, how to practice moving the bow without being distracted by the violin.  It is best to practice moving the bow on your shoulder so you can focus on just the movement and the feel that you need in order to get a great sound.