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Ace College Admission as a Music Student!

Ace College Admission as a Music Student!

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A step by step guide to build a pre-college life that shows off your skills and knowledge in a way that will make a college admission board take notice. Create volunteer hours to make you stand out and receive scholarships. Learn to organize and reverse engineer each of your goals so they are more obtainable.


This complete pack includes:


✅ Masterclass Video Series

In each video, I guide you through each page of the worksheets; from understanding the right college for you straight to a successful audition and admission to the college of your dreams.


✅ Personal College Guide To Success

Each worksheet in this packet holds prompts and information that will help you understand what you need and how to achieve each step to get you into the university you have been dreaming about.


✅ Resume Builder

An easy to use template to create your own pre college resume. Organize your talents and skills and create something that gets you noticed.


🎁 Bonus

A guide for your senior year in high school so that you have an idea of how to stay organized, prepare for auditions, contact universities and build ambassadors to help you achieve your college admission.

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