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Susan Monteiro:   Classical Violinist

                  Lecturer    Instructor

Hello,  I am Susan Monteiro!

I studied music and literature at the University of Cincinnati, Cleveland State University and Northern Arizona University.  I completed my B.A. degree with my main focus being Music and Literature. 


I  have also performed frequently as a concert orchestra musician.  After deciding to take a break from performing, I started  teaching the violin and viola.  I fell in love with teaching music to people young and old and have been doing so for over 25 years.


I feel so fortunate to have found this calling because music not only teaches us discipline and self confidence, Music works with  Neuroplasticity by helping our brains make connections.  Music creates connections in our brains and with each other!


I am a certified Suzuki instructor and have utilized this amazing method along with traditional classical pedagogy for 25 years.  I own an  online music studio as well as  a musical themed book club, lecture and recital series called "Between the Notes".


I am a homeschooling mom and  love to do most of our learning outside at the beach!  Feel free to browse my website and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email and Subscribe to hear more about my Events coming up for the Spring of 2021!

If you have questions about the Suzuki Method, Click on the Eighth Notes!

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