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Meet the Eastman School of Music

Hi Everyone!

I did a video last Friday where I went through the website for the Eastman School of Music.  I was quite impressed by the information provided.  This seems like a very organized school and it should be since it has been around since 1921.

It is located in Rochester, New York, the acceptance rate is 13%. (Don’t let that discourage you.  If you want to go there, go for it anyway.)  Undergraduate tuition and fees is $46,150.00 per year and is 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google (whatever that means).

If you are interested in checking out this great music school,

I will place a few links to certain sections of their website to make it easier for you to look at requirements, audition repertoire, financial aid and job opportunities.

First, let's look at the Undergraduate Admission Page:

If you are interested in checking out the school, you can sign up to Request Info.  If you would like to audition next year, request the info now so you have time to slowly prepare.  I cannot stress this enough.  It doesn’t matter if your teen is just starting high school.  There is no time like the present to begin this journey.  If you are older, do it now.  I was just talking to a business owner last week about careers and life.  He mentioned that since the lockdowns over the past few years, he was really struggling to keep his violin shop open and was wondering if it was all worth it.  I asked him a simple question, “Where do you want to be in five years?”  He said, “Here in this shop.”  “Then stay and figure out a way to make this work.”  I mean, those five years will go by whether you want them to or not, right?  Create the life you want.

So, where do you want to be?  If it is in an orchestra, jazz band, teaching at your own private studio, or the Eastman School of Music then make it happen.  Always go for what you want, not what you think you can get.

Next up, check out the Audition Requirements.  These requirements are lower on the admission page.  I am a string player and I would always recommend to any musician to check out the requirements asap and develop a plan that will prepare you for what the committee needs to hear before the deadline.  I always feel that there is a sweet spot before the audition where you are ready to play but not stale and tired of all of the repertoire so take that into account when you reverse engineer your audition plan.  At least that was always my case.

Also on this page is the Application Deadline, Application Fee, Recording Upload, Repertoire List, Scores and Documents, Transcripts, Test Scores, Personal Statement, Recommendations, Online Interactions and Résumé.  Check out this page because there are a few more on this list that need to be considered.

The last on my personal list that I wrote down for you is the Résumé.  Begin your résumé early! I cannot stress this enough.  You need to be thoughtful and committed to your recitals, volunteer hours, orchestras and/or jazz ensembles.  Think of this as a résumé for employment and you want to present yourself as well as you can.  You want to look serious and committed to your art (because you are, otherwise you wouldn’t consider attending Eastman).

Here is a link to their undergrad résumé guideline:

At Monteiro Studio, we have our own résumé template that can be used as soon as you begin high school or even after you graduate from college and are applying to grad school.  I will put a link up for that later in the month but for updates on our products, you can check out our website:

I hope this helps you all if you are thinking about attending college or transferring to a different college and considering the Eastman School of Music.  If you need any assistance for yourself or for your musical teen, shoot me an email at: or join our FB Practice Group:

I will be presenting another FB Live next Friday about the importance of your college résumé building.  I am live every Friday at 6:30 so join us with questions or comments.

I would love to hear from you!


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