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Happy December!

Happy December!

I hope you are all doing fantastic!

Well, I had to take a wee bit of a break from the blogs last month since I am moving. I am transitioning from city living to country living and am pretty excited about it. Moving can be a tad bit nerve wracking but always worth it. Especially when you are moving somewhere beautiful!

The biggest difference that I notice out here in the country is the sound level and I love it! I was living way too close to the freeway and the constant sound of the cars day and night was something that I really didn’t enjoy very much. The air pollution wasn't fun either.

Since I am still getting everything I own out of my old place and into my new place, I might be a bit off schedule but I assure you I will be here. I will be here because it is the last month of the year and we have work to do!

December is one of my favorite months of the year. I love the cold, crisp air, the scent in the evening of fires that warm people’s homes and the experience of Christmas and the New Year is an absolute blast!

December for me is a time of reflection and renewal. I feel like I am just starting to sweep out a few old thoughts and habits and tidying up to prepare for new and better ones. I always find myself looking forward to January to see what I can do to make the upcoming year even better than the last.

And during my reflection of the past year, I came up with a fantastic idea!

Something is coming up in January and I want to support all of you who are influenced by this event. This event and its preparation will make or break your future so stay tuned and we will get this project moving soon ~ as soon as I am finished moving…

You all relax and take care and I will be back to announce my big idea to help all college bound families prepare for what is next!

Hint: It has something to do with music. (Big surprise, I know...)

See you all next week!

Susan :)

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