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Just Finished "A Musical Affair"

Well, I just finished the book and I really liked it! It was a fun summer read and when I put the book down, I felt like I had just finished a nice, cool glass of lemonade on one of those hot summer days. The book is mostly dialogue (which I don't mind at all). In fact, the dialogue was smooth and would make a great play. I think that the author, Carrie Jane Knowles, is holding a casting call for the readers to decide which actors would be best suited for each character in the book. I am trying to think of who I would choose for each character. So, I will start with Roger: Ryan Reynolds (Roger was by far my fav guy in the book.) Franco: James Franco (He just looks like a cellist and his last name doesn't hurt either.) Charles: Alexander Skarsgård (I bet he can play any part but would have to pull off arrogant in a heart beat.) Danielle: Gal Gadot (She totally looks like a violinist!) Gabrielle: Vanessa Hudgens (She looks so Italian.) Jessica: Courtney Eaton (I have not seen her act but I bet she could pull this character off, no prob.)

Emily: Selena Gomez (Definitely, she could pull off the grunge look and the elegant look as well.) Lou Anne: I am picturing her as a blonde so maybe: Alicia Silverstone. Binky: Alyson Hannigan (I was always a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alyson is such an awesome actress.)

And, I think lastly Celeste: Ali Larter. Did I miss anyone? I am just thinking of the adult characters (and one teen) for now. I cannot even think about who would play the kids. I, personally, would like to act as a barista in the coffee shop by Jessica's condo. Just sayin' Carrie.... You know.... If there ever is a movie.....

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