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Thinking About College? Start Your Journey With This!

What you should think about before you start applying to a university. ~ I will remind you of this fact because I see it all the time. ~ Students who are applying for colleges feel that their needs and goals are second to the school they choose but in reality, “You are the most important part of this picture, so let’s dive into how you can set yourself up for success!” I am stating this out loud to give you a more aural take on this fact. So feel free to read that statement out loud if you like :)

When you are beginning this journey from high school to college, you will realize that your life is about to change in a very big way. So, you should working to make this transformation amazing! Before anything else, you should purchase a journal immediately and begin to write down what you want your life to look like in four years. I want this to be fun for you so write down whatever comes to your mind and don’t worry if you feel you can accomplish this goal or not. The point is to create a world in your mind that works for YOU. This exercise will give you an idea of what university or college will be a good fit for the life you would like to create. So grab that notebook start writing and get back to this blog later….

…. You’re Back! Great, I hope you came up with some amazing life choices :)

Once you figure out what you want to do for the next four years, begin to Reverse Engineer your life. ~ (On a side note; figuring out what you want to do for the next four years might be easy to do but if it isn’t, don’t worry. I would just write down all the things you that you like to do and go from there. Life takes many twists and turns and that is a good thing. The twists and turns make life a lot more interesting!)

Remember, this should be fun. How much money do you want to make? Where do you see yourself living in the next four years? If you want to be a millionaire, write it down. If you want to live in a secluded cabin in the woods and run fishing tours, write that down. If you want to play full time in the L.A. Phil... You get the picture.

Life is full of choices so follow your bliss :)

After you create a list of your possibilities, look to see what colleges will help you achieve these goals.

I’ll give you an example: You love the mountains! You see yourself living in a cabin in the woods by a river and you are running a kayak touring company. (We’ll call it “Black Trout Tours, Inc.”) Your “Black Trout Tours, Inc.” makes you completely self-sufficient and turns you into a proud cabin owner. This cabin allows you to hang out at night with your friends and family around a nice fire pit discussing politics or the environment. What knowledge would you need in order to create this reality? Perhaps business management, advertising, outdoor experience would help you. Maybe you can look at a university near a river that has these types of businesses, you could have a summer job there and learn the ropes. You would even be able to learn if you wanted to do this type of business in the first place. Oh, I would also take a few law classes when you have the chance. It is ALWAYS great to know the law especially if you need to have insurance or contracts. And, if you are running a Kayak Tour Company, you will definitely need insurance and contracts. I would study the environment; geography and physical geography. If you can think of anything else, send me a note!

This is your adventure so ~ Start It Up ~ And if you have any questions, sign up for my website and ask away. I would love to hear from you! Remember, "Get In!" Starts June 15th. 6/15/22 will be here soon so take a look at my guest expert line up!

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