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Why Music?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I am writing a short, quick blog today. Halloween is tomorrow and I really need to finish decorating and unfortunately I have not bought any candy yet. This will lead to a last minute trip to the grocery story and I really hope those bags of Snickers and Reese's are on sale, Yikes!!

As you all know, I am a huge proponent of music in the schools. I have been in the trenches my friend and I have seen first hand the value music has to children's lives all over this country. I have worked with elementary students all the way to high school and college students and know this miraculous value is true across the board. Music is something that changes lives! So, here is a short list of why music should be considered by students and their parents to propel themselves into a life changing experience (i.e. colleges and universities). Whether you are planning on majoring in music or not in college, think about this seriously. Find a great music teacher (there are many) and grab an instrument that interests you. There are more benefits than just math and memory and universities know this so you should as well.

  1. Did you know that the administrator of the SAT test (The College Board) suggests that learning and working in the Fine Arts (including Music) is one of the six areas of study that students should master in order to succeed in any College or University?

  2. If you speak with any college admissions officer, they will tell you that students who participate in music classes continually throughout their high school years have an advantage over students who do not (especially when applying for the Ivy League or Higher Tier Universities).

  3. During the admissions process, colleges and universities always look to find students who stand out. These institutions are on the lookout for students who have something to offer the university and their campus. Remember, you are selling yourself to each and every school. Music students who have played in high school for at least 3 to 4 years; in orchestra, band, choir and any other chamber music ensemble, are automatically placed in this category of stand out students. Just make certain that you have met the plethora of other requirements for the university you are aiming for. Music is the icing on your cake!

  4. Having music on your transcript throughout your high school education shows that you have developed skills in multitasking, spatial reasoning, mathematics, leadership, group work, performance and helping out in your community. This is of the utmost importance due to the fact that every college and university wants to see what you have done to help others. This one aspect, Music, says all of this on your transcript. Music all on its own presents more than you realize.

I have mentioned 4 reasons why you should study music in middle and high school. Now it is up to you students and parents to make this your game changer. Utilize this amazing skill and let it help your child shine, learn and grow :) I will post a few more musical game changers next week. Meanwhile, off to get candy!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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