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Be a Driver, Not a Passenger...

For today’s topic, I will discuss how to pick a college, university or conservatory that fits your life and your goals. In other words, I will give you and your teen a little push that will start you off as a driver and not a passenger in your life. So get ready to put your foot on that accelerator and get moving!

Some helpful advice that I give all of my students is that before even starting to look for a university, figure out your own personal “Mission Statement”. It could be anything from: helping children discover their musical talents, reaching out to people who need mental and physical therapy and helping them with the healing sounds of music to performing solos and connecting to audiences throughout the world.

It is important to understand yourself first before you begin to look for college. Taking the time to think things through might seem like a huge undertaking but I don't think that it is. Just think about your likes and dislikes. What do you do in life that puts you in the Zone? What do you find yourself talking about during the day? Understanding yourself will give you a blueprint for your future life and goals. You will work harder and take this entire journey more seriously if you have a point in which to focus.

Once you have a mission statement of your own, you can begin looking for a university that matches your own chosen mission. Every college, university and conservatory has a mission statement so find one that matches yours. You want to attend a school that holds the same values you do.

Remember, be a driver, not a passenger. You lead the way and you will find what you want.

And, if you and your teens want more in depth information and guidance, I have put together something special for you! It is my "Ace College Admission as a Music Student" complete pack with videos and worksheets to help guide to to your perfect college AND help you prepare for your audition.

This Ace College Admission - Complete Pack is FREE for the month of January as soon as February begins there will be a price tag involved so get this now before it is too late and you have to shell out $27.50!

Remember, it is time for you to Get In!

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